Lee Broda

Lee Broda is an Israeli-born poet who writes about the beauties – and uncertainties – of life from a distinctly observant perspective. Lee’s love for poetry and writing began when she was a teenager, growing up in rural Israel. To date she has kept private her poetry; Whispers From the Moon is her first collection which she proudly shares now.

As a celebrated actor and producer, Lee’s intelligent and passionate creative drive is known globally. Significantly, as the founder of LB Entertainment, which develops, finances, and produces major independent films, she has shepherded over thirty films to success.

LB Entertainment’s films have premiered at the world’s top film festivals including Sundance, Venice, Toronto, Tribeca, SXSW, BFI, and New York Film Festival.

Additionally, Lee is the founder of the group Women Creating Change, an organization that bridges, empowers, and creates opportunities for female writers, directors, producers, and actors from the Middle East.

Whispers From the Moon is her first book.

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