Whispers From The Moon

lee broda’s first collection of poetry. available now on Amazon & select bookstores worldwide.

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A distinctly observant love child between Rupi Kaur’s Milk & Honey and Samantha King’s Born to Love, Cursed to Feel, the poems in Lee Broda’s collection Whispers From The Moon are raw and evoking, sometimes dark and painful, while always searching to understand.

The Language Of Love

I wish I could caress you with language
and do it so well,
it would make you
thick, sticky words, touching you
down to your core,
move you,
like music,
sweet melody,
raw honey-
dripping down your lips,
capturing you
the way bees
are drawn to flowers,
circling, buzzing
under nature’s spell 

you will yearn for me 
but I’m no longer 


I learned how to live with forgiveness,
how to let go of the pain
that came with loving you,
how to let go of the idea
of not having you

painting over the images of us in my mind,
removing you
from each frame,
peeling you off my heart,

forgiving you for everything you aren’t,
forgiving myself for waiting
for you to become it
one day.

5 AM

I whisper to the night
a prayer of light,
thanking the moon
for watching over you
during the quiet hours
when I lay in bed
uneasy, alone;
alarming thoughts puncture my sleep,
unwanted worries cling to my body

every night, before the sun breaks through,
small cracks in the blanket of stars
that covers us,
each constellation a night patrol-
standing guard,
singing dreams into your ears,
little lullabies, protecting you
until bright beams of light caress your soft face,
waking you slowly

and we are united again, for a whole day.
my body kisses yours,
morning warmth travels between us;
relieved, you come back to me each morning,
your melting smile, a daily gift;
my sweet
it’s hard to let you go
each night

My wish for the reader of this book is for her to know that she is never alone in suffering or in joy. My wish for him is to explore the deep, hidden edges of his heart between the wandering words of my soul.

–Lee Broda
for sale on Amazon & select book stores worldwide.


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