Whispers From The Moon, 2018

Whispers From The Moon is Lee Broda’s debut poetry publication; visceral prose touching on the inspiring quality of love and the sometime-ugliness of relationships that can break us to pieces. The book covers heartbreak, loss, insecurity, love, family, and explores a true relationship to self. ORDER TODAY.

poetry by lee broda. for sale on amazon & select bookstores, worldwide.

Even The Walls Cry Your Name

even the walls cry your name 
at night—
they miss you.
they miss the pictures I hid, 
the ones that told our story,
shoved into a drawer 
with all our memories
that are still alive,
breathing inside of me,
clinging to every cell, 
every room still smells of you,
refusing to fade.
this house was once our home,
now it is a stranger—
cold, unfamiliar and distant,
just like you. 

Version 12


Whispers From The Moon Book Launch, December 2018

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